About us

St. Annes is a co-educational school for children from the ages 2-12 located in Meyrick park. We have small classroom sizes taking a maximum of 20 children per class. This provides for individualised attention, a tailored curriculum, an interactive learning environment, more student participation and a closer relationship with both peers and teachers.

Our History

Anne's Children Centre was founded in 1947 by a Portuguese migrant to then Rhodesia. Mrs. Erasmus saw the need for an individualised, biblically based education for children. The center started in their home and has now expanded to include both a preschool and primary school in the quiet neighborhood of Meyrick Park.

Our Mission

We challenge students to think critically and creatively, to know themselves as learners, and to govern their lives with confidence, compassion and integrity.

Our Motto

Our motto is Quae Quidem which is Latin meaning whatsoever is true. It comes from St. Paul's letter to the church in Phillippi. It is a noble motto befitting a school that encourages students to do and think upon everything that is excellent or praisworthy.

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